the rival of dark star and poplabs zexlabs was inspired by poplabs and also has a base in Tech sqaure.the main base is in coppler town.


during the invasion darkstar took advantage and took over sector 2 after magnetizing 6000 zex bots.the zex bots fought hard but then were magnetized by darkstars magno beam,powered by the remains of popbot 1.the battle was a terrible loss and dark star gained more power after taking over the zex bots of this aera

zex botsEdit

unlike their poplabs counterparts and dark star counterparts zex bots are built for combat and helping.pilot bots are white, security is white with a blue face and fighter bots are yellow and warp gate attenders are green

helping an enemyEdit

during the battle of tech sqaure zexbots were waiting in secret bunkers and got the chance to avenge their old freinds at secter two

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